Mechanica 2011 - IIT Madras

April 9,10 (Mechanical)

Mechanica 2011, an annual technical festival of the Mechanical Engineering Department of IIT Madras, Chennai. At Mechanica, we present to you unparallel oppoirtunities to test your skills.

National Symposium on Rotor Dynamics - IIT Madras

December 19,20,21

Most machines have one or more rotating parts. Rotating machine elements thus form the backbone of industrial infrastructure and therefore play a pivotal role in the growth and development of the country. Rotor Dynamics is the key in design and maintenance of all such rotating machinery. This area has made tremendous strides in recent years.

ObCom 2011 - VIT

September 9

This International Conference is a major event to be conducted following the grand success of series of ObCom conferences during 2003, 2004 and 2006, which were audited by a good number of participants from Academia and Industry across the World. The past ObCom conferences received good contributions from academia, industry and research organizations. Our sponsors included governmental and non-governmental agencies like DRDO, ISTE, DIT, CSIR etc.

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At present, there is no system available to back the vehicle. At times when the front wheel gets into a trench it is very difficult to take the vehicle from parking. Even normal people face much problem to take the vehicle out of the parking at that time. Incase of the handicapped people who drive two wheelers with extra support wheels, face much problem to take the vehicle out of the parking by pushing the vehicle with legs as we do. In order to take the vehicle out of the parking they need to seek others help or they should push it out of the parking. As a help to them we have designed a gear box which will be fit to the vehicle without altering the existing gear box. The paper deals with the design of such a gear box and the assembly process of the gear box to the vehicle. The design deals with the conditions of the gear box operation, and the design of the gear box based on easy assembly and easy manufacturing at low cost.

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